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11th USOMA Nationals presented by One Off Graphix

Race Results -- Fri Oct 10, 2014

 I-35 Speedway --  Winston, MO

 Fri Nite at I-35 Speedway is the first nite of the 11th USOMA Nationals.  This is qualifying nite and there will be heat races and qualifiers run that will determine the starting positions for Satr nites A Main.  Finishing position points and passing points were awarded.

A BIG thank you goes out to our sponsors for this event, One Off Graphix, Adams & Eaton Concrete Pumping, EMI, Keizer Wheels, Hyper Racing, ARS Shocks, and Rod End Supply.


Heat  1

1st  30 Ryan Kent Lone Jack, MO
2nd  13 Luke McGee Eldorado Springs, MO
3rd 10 Ken Brown Grand Island, NE
4th 25m Tyler Miller Gallatin, MO
dns 19 Paden Moreland Bethany, MO
dns 60e Mark Billings Columbia, MO


1st b20 Tom Brown Lincoln, NE
2nd 71 Tony Layne  KC, MO 
3rd 09w Willie Wilkinson Kearney, MO
4th 9s Chris Schofield Raytown, MO 
dns 27 Tucker Klaasmeyer Hillsdale, KS


Heat 3
1st 1 Rick Hench Lincoln, NE
2nd 51x Brent Burrows Lewistown, IL
3rd 10b Luke Baxter Nausha, IA
4th 12b Rick Baxter Nausha, IA
5th 99c Chet Yates  Cameron, MO
6th 46 Dusty Murray Topeka, KS


Heat 4
1st 01 Bobby Layne  KC, MO
2nd 2 Austin Archdale Bromfield, IL
3rd 51 M K Billings KC, MO
4th 85 Ken Billings  KC, MO
5th 88 Jared Solomon Belton, MO
6th 49 Mike Trent Rocheport, MO


1st Qualifier   2nd Qualifier
1st 01  Bobby Layne  1st 30     Ryan Kent
2nd 71  Tony Layne   2nd 51     M K Billings
3rd 51x Brent Burrows  3rd 10b   Luke Baxter
4th 2  Austin Archdale 4th 1     Rick Henc h
5th 88  Jared Solomon 5th  12b   Rick Baxter
6th 10  Ken Brown 6th 99c   Chet Yates
7th 9s  Chris Schofield 7th 85     Ken Billings
8th 25m Tyler Miller  8th 09w   Willie Wilkinson
9th b20  Tom Brown 9th 46      Dusty Murray
dns 49 Mike Trent 10th 13     Luke McGee

Qualifying Points after Fri Nite

1st     01    Bobby Layne           121
2nd   30    Ryan Kent                119.5
3rd    51    M K Billings            114.5
4th    71    Tony Layne             114
5th    51x  Brent Burrows         109
6th      1    Rick Hench              107.5
7th    10b  Luke Baxter             107
8th      2    Austin Archdale       103.5
9th   b20   Tom Brown               92 
10th  10    Ken  Brown               90
11th  12b  Rick Baxter               87
12th  88    Jared Solomon          85.5
13th  85    Ken Billings              82
14th  09w  Willie Wilkinson      81
15th    9s   Chris Schofield         80.5
16th  99c   Chet Yates               79.5

17th  25m Tyler Miller              78

18th  13     Luke McGee            78
19th  46    Dusty Murray           67.5

20th  49    Mike Trent                39




Hench Wins 11th USOMA Nationals presented by One Off Graphix

Race Results -- Sat Oct 11, 2014

I-35 Speedway --  Winston, MO

 Saturday Night finals for the 11th USOMA Nationals at I-35 Speedway.

Saturdays events are 2  A Main Scrambles comprised of the top 12 in points from Friday nite qualifying.  It will be 2 six car races. Pills were drawn to determine their starting positions.  How they finish in the scrambles is how they will line up for the A Main.

The rest of the field will have a B Feature and how they finish in it is how they will line up behind the top 12.

A BIG thank you goes out to our sponsors for this event, One Off Graphix, Adams & Eaton Concrete Pumping, EMI, Keizer Wheels, Hyper Racing, ARS Shocks, and Rod End Supply.

A Main Scramble  1
1st 51x    Brent Burrows Lewistown, IL
2nd  01      Bobby Layne KC, MO  
3rd 51      M K Billings KC, MO
4th 10b    Luke Baxter Nausha, IA
5th 88      Jared Solomon Belton, MO
6th 12b    Rick Baxter Nausha, IA

A Main Scramble  
1st  2      Austin Archdale Bromfield, IL
2nd 71      Tony Layne KC, MO
3rd 30      Ryan Kent Lone Jack, MO
4th 1       Rick Hench Lincoln, NE
5th 10      Ken Brown Grand Island, NE
6th b20      Tom Brown   Lincoln, NE


B Feature
1st 9s      Chris Schofield Raytown, MO
2nd 25m    Tyler Miller Gallatin, MO
3rd 99c     Chet Yates Cameron, MO
4th  19       Paden Moreland  Bethany, MO
5th 27       Tucker Klaasmeyer Hillsdale, KS


 A Feature Starting Pos
1st 1    Rick Hench 8
2nd 51   M K Billings 5
3rd 2    Austin Archdale 2
4th 30   Ryan Kent 6
5th 01   Bobby Layne 3
6th 71    Tony Layne 4
7th 27    Tucker Klaasmeyer 16
8th 88    Jared Solomon 9
9th 99c   Chet Yates  15
10th 25m  Tyler Miller 14
11th 10    Ken Brown 10
12th 10b  Luke Baxter 7
13th 12b  Rick Baxter 11
14th 19   Paden Moreland 17
15th 9s  Chris Schofield 13
16th 51x  Brent Burrows 1
17th b20  Tom Brown 12





Oct. 10th, 2014 

The MALS / MMSA event at Chandler Speedway was cancelled due to weather.






Crum, Cross, Hammer, Hagen and James Claim Deming Speedway Championships

When the dust settled on the final night of racing at Deming Speedway in 2014, five new drivers claimed championships on a fantastic Saturday night in the Pacific NW. Brock Lemley won the Speedmart Hoosier 600 Open main event, and Chance Crum won the championship by two points over Austin Sheridan. Jared Gundersen won the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 main with Tyson Cross winning the title. Kaitlyn Hammer claimed the Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted championship with Tanner Holm winning the final feature. Peyton Hagen won the Kasey Kahne Junior Sprint championship by five points while Tyler McLeod won his 11th main of the year, and Dougie James claimed the NW USAC HPD Midget title at the track with a victory.

High drama persisted through the Speedmart Hoosier 600 main event. Austin Sheridan took the points lead on Friday night while Chance Crum had mechanical issues, and on Saturday night’s main event, the roles reversed. Sheridan led the first 16 laps, but following a restart after a yellow for Jon Farrell, Sheridan lost power and dropped back in the field. He tried keeping the car out there to save a high enough finish to claim the title, but pulled off and finished 19th. His dropping off gave the lead to Brock Lemley who would race away to claim the win. Chance Crum, running a car borrowed from Mike and Spud Allen, took a third place finish which gave him enough points to reclaim the lead and the grab the point championship by two markers.

Tyson Cross entered the evening knowing a solid finish would bring him the championship in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 division. With second in points driver Jared Gundersen shooting out to a big lead early, Cross settled in and focused on running a smooth race. Gundersen was dominant, easily winning the main event, but it was not enough, as Cross ran a nice consistent line on his way to a third place finish and in the process, winning the season title.

Dougie James entered the night with an eight point advantage over Mike Vollbrecht for the first ever NW USAC HPD Midget championship awarded at Deming Speedway. James punctuated his championship win by taking the lead from Derek Holmwood on lap 11, and holding Vollbrecht off over the back half of the race to grab the victory.

In the Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted division, Tanner Holm was flawless in leading all 30 laps of the main event to close out his year on a high note. Kaitlyn Hammer ended up taking the point title merely by signing into the back gate on the night, holding a solid pad on her lead entering the evening. Hammer would finish her championship campaign with a fourth place finish.

The Kasey Kahne Junior Sprint title ended up a lot closer than what it was entering the evening. Peyton Hagen entered the night with a 21 point lead, with Haley Constance chasing him. Hagen shot out to an early lead in the feature, but disaster struck for him on lap 12, as he collided with a lapped car and flipped, causing a red flag. With Hagen officially scored in 18th, Constance, who was in the second spot on the restart, needed to pass the lead car and win the race to tie the championship standings. Constance tried to pass new race leader Dakota Drake, but Drake held her off and in the process, Tyler McLeod passed both drivers to grab the lead and eventual win, his 11th of the season. Drake ended up second and Constance ended up third, giving the title to Hagen by five points.



Mother Nature wins again “UGG”

Posted on September 21, 2014

It was a great day on Sat for a while any way when we got a call about 20 min form Macon Speedway

 and was informed that rain won out again. This makes 6 rains outs in the last few weeks of the 2014

 ILSS season. With now only 4 nights of racing left in the 2014 season it would be nice if the rain came

 through the week instead of on the week ends. The ILSS will have a double header week end coming

 up XXX your fingers on that with a non wing event on Fri Night Sept 26th at Lincoln Speedway and

 then back to Macon Speedway on the 27th. The season will end on Oct 3rd with a non wing race at

 Lincoln and then to Peoria Speedway for a winged race to end the season. Gedd Ross holds a slim 8

 point lead over Austin Archdale in the 2014 points race and Mitchell Davis is 8 points ahead of Robby

 McQuinn in the rookie of the year standings. Hold on tight its a race to the finish line. Come check out

 the last few races of the 2014 season.




Dorsett Wins at Lincoln Park

Putnamville  09/21/14  21 Cars

Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3
#60e Mark Billings #49 Troy Fortune  R #36 Collin Ambrose
#10c Chris Baumeyer # 44 Phil Heavelow #11 Alex Shipman
#86 Andy Bradley #10 Drew Dorsett

#2m Colin Miller

#20 Tyler Kendall  R #87 Travis Stickels #1x Scott Bradley
#77l Justin Lewis  R #19 Mike Miller  R #45 Bobby Griffiths  R
#01 Ron Brannam #27 Frank Hargraves #88j JR Sutton
#25 Colin Parker #77 Lynn Ambrose #34t Cody Trammell


#10 Drew Dorsett
#11 Alex Shipman
#44 Phil Heavelow
#49 Troy Fortune  R
#10c Chris Baumeyer
#1x Scott Bradley
#60e Mark Billings
#20 Tyler Kendall  R
#77l Justin Lewis  R
#77 Lynn Ambrose
#25 Colin Parker
#2m Colin Miller
#01 Ron Brannam
#86 Andy Bradley – DNF
#88j JR Sutton – DNF
#36 Collin Ambrose – DNF
#45 Bobby Griffiths – DNF  R
#19 Mike Miller – DNF  R
#87 Travis Stickels – DNF
#27 Frank Hargraves – DNF
#34t Cody Trammell - DN




Allen Scores Big Win Heading to Championship Night

High speeds and high excitement permeated Deming Speedway on EMD Construction / Subway night at the track. Spud Allen capped the night with an impressive win in the Speedmart Hoosier 600 Open division, while the season point battle in the class was shook up. Joining Spud in victory lane were Shaun Holtorf, Lance Sargent, Cody Hogarth and Dakota Drake. The season wraps up on Saturday night with the same five classes in action again.

The night belonged to Spud Allen in the Speedmart Hoosier 600 Open division. The Allen machine was hooked up and hauling, leading all 25 laps of the main event, deftly maneuvering through slower cars en route to scoring the impressive victory. The side story from the main event was second place finisher Austin Sheridan, who closed a huge margin in the season championship when point leader Chance Crum’s car wouldn’t start for the A Main. Chase Schmidt took third. Jon Farrell set fast time. Heat race wins went to Spencer Constance, Kris Labree, Shaun Holtorf and Liam Ryan.

When Shaun Holtorf is afforded an opportunity, he makes the most of it. Such was the case on Friday night, as Shaun’s first night in the Frosty Metcalfe owned car saw him end up in victory lane in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 division. Holtorf led all 25 high speed laps in a race that went caution free. Jared Gundersen was second and Eric Turner took third. Tyson Cross broke into the nine second bracket in setting quick time. Heat winners were Joe Constance and Eric Turner.

Lance Sargent went wire-to-wire for the win in the NW USAC HPD Midget Series Main. Sargent lead all 20 lap while be challenged by Tristin Thomas who settled for second. Mike Vollbrecht took third. Sargent won the heat race while Thomas set fast time.

Cody Hogarth took advantage of the opportunity given to him by making a late race pass for the win in the Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted division. Hogarth chased Jesse Schlotfeldt all race long, looking for an opportunity to get by him. That opportunity came up on lap 24, as Schlotfeldt washed wide in turn two, allowing Cody the chance to drive underneath and into the lead and on to the eventual win. Schlotfeldt ran second and Spencer Constance was third. Riley Watkins collected his first career quick time. Sawyer Sorgenfrei and Kaitlyn Hammer won the heats.

Dakota Drake scored her first career Deming Speedway win in the Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints. Dakota took the lead from Mitchell Helsel on the inside of turn two on lap three, and streaked away to the impressive win. Helsel ran a strong second with Tyler McLeod rallying from eighth to third. McLeod was the quick qualifier. Drake was also a heat race winner, as were Tyson Lemley and Alex Gouy.




Heinert gets his second win of the year.

September 13, 2014

Mark Heinert (55) finish out the WIMS season with his second feature win of the year.  Heinert started on the front row and quickly jumped out to the lead.  Heinert lead all the complete race holding off a late race challange from Nick Petska(18).

WIMS finale finishing order

September 13,2014

1st -  55h, Mark Heinert (Center)

2nd - 18, Nick Petska (Right)

13rd - 66, Nick Daywalt (Left)

4th - 11, Kyle Daywalt

5th - 42, Adam Schroeder

6th - 71, Kyle Koch

7th - 61, Jeff Schmidt

8th -  49, Ron Brannam

9th - 16, Mike Neau

10th -  74, Tim Brannam

11th - 69, Kurt Brown

121h - 59, John Smith

13th - 29, Randy Stanford

14th - 9, John Kirk

15th - 26, Greg Fortier

16th - 02,Paul Schaffer

17th - 96, Kevin Frederickson





(Torrance, CA, September 13, 2014) Longtime veteran Dan Hillberg became only the second driver in 2014 to win more than one main event in the California Lightning Sprint Car Series when he outdistanced the field in the Glenn Howard Classic last Saturday at Perris Auto Speedway.

Dan Hillberg after winning his second California Lightning Sprint Car main event of the year last Saturday at Perris Auto Speedway. Media please feel free to publish this photo and please give photo credit to Doug Allen.

The 20-lap main event got off to a rocky start for all three of the championship contenders. Bobby Michnowicz, who came into the night third in points and with a series leading five main events wins, became the first victim at the drop of the initial green. As the pack screamed into The PAS hybrid track, which uses turns one and two of the inner quarter mile track and turns three and four of the half mile, Michnowicz coasted silently into the first corner before coming to a stop off of turn two. Unknown at the time, the culprit was a bad crank trigger sensor and it spelled the end of the night for the 2012 champion.

On the second try, a multi-car pileup brought the proceedings to a stop before the field reached the second turn. Fort Irwin’s Jeff Dyer, who has led the points most of the campaign, had his throttle system was damaged and he was done for the night.

With those two out, it only left the second place car in the championship chase, San Diego’s Damon Arnett, on the track and he was poised to take full advantage of the opportunity offered. And, after the tangle the previous start, he was starting on the outside of the front row. The third time the green flew, Arnett jumped into the lead in front of Corona rookie Corey Hoover. A smooth run up front and Arnett was going to be the new point leader. However, it was not to be. When he got into turn three on the first lap, Arnett had about a three car length lead, but he spun in front of the entire pack! Amazingly he did a 360 and everyone missed him, but he went from the lead all the way back to eighth.

Arnett’s misfortune handed the leaded to the 2014 CLS Rookie point leader Hoover. The impressive teenage racer maintained the top spot until he bobbled in turn two on the 13th circuit. That is all the longtime veteran Hillberg was waiting for. He quickly pounced on the situation and put his bright yellow LMC/Decore Plating/Okie Race Cars/Doug’s Auto Body #10 into the top spot. Hoover quickly recovered from the bobble, but it was too late as wily veteran Hillberg was gone and parked in the CLS victory circle for the second time in 2014. Hoover was second about a half straight behind Hillberg, Anaheim Hills racer Guy Maresch, who has missed several races this year, came from ninth on the start to a season best third at the finish. Fourth spot went to Upland’s Alex Grigoreas who tipped over in the lap one tangle and had to restart at the back. Murrieta rookie Cori Andrews, who won a main on the same track back in May, finished fifth.

Maresch was the main event “Hard Charger” going from 9th on the start to his third place finish.

Earlier in the night, Michnowicz out qualified the 17-car field with a lap of 17:217. Hoover and fellow rookie Jeremy Queener won the two six lap heat races.

Arnett’s spin proved costly. He came in trailing Dyer by 36-points in the 2014 championship chase. Had he not spun on the first lap, he would have been the new point leader with four races to go. Instead, he is still second, but now only trails the leader by eight-points. Michnowicz is third with Hoover and Andrews rounding out the top five.

Hoover still leads the Rookie of the Year standings. Andrew is 29-points behind . Queener is third 70 behind the leader.

The CLS will be back in action as it visits the Bakersfield Speedway for the final time in 2014 on September 27th. It will also be the final round of the “North vs South Civil War Series” matching the CLS against Northern California’s BCRA.

There are two changes to the remaining CLS schedule. Instead of racing on the Friday and Saturday, November 7th & 8th, at the 19th Annual Budweiser Oval Nationals Presented by All Coast Construction, the CLS will race on the Thursday and Friday, November 6th and 7th, portions of the show. The race on the 7th will now be the season finale for the CLS as the November 15th race at El Centro has been canceled due to another event on the Imperial County Fairgrounds.

PAS Main Event (with starting positions): 1. Dan Hillberg (6th), 2. Corey Hoover (3rd), 3. Guy Maresch (9th), 4. Alex Grigoreas (5th), 5. Cori Andrews (11th), 6. Damon Arnett (4th), 7. Dale Gamer (13th), 8. Zach Zauss (10th), 9. Tom Downing (14th), 10. Jeremy Queener (2nd), 11. Jon Squire 15th), 12. James Squire (13th), 13. Mike Kotlinski (1st), 14. Jeff Dyer (7th), 15. Bobby Michnowicz (8th)



Sorin On Top at Devil's Lake


9-13-14 Lightning Sprints - Feature

Finish Start Car Driver
1 1 1    Chris Sorin
2 3 13T    Alan Truscinski
3 4 35W    Wally Butler
4 6 2R    Roland Bernard
5 2 11    Dexter Dvergsten
6 7 10T    Alex Truscinski
7 5 33    Murray Temple
8 9 3M    Marcus Rothenbacher
9 10 4M    Tyler Mcdougall
10 8 40    Lawrence Veralrud



Logan Seavey wins annual Tracy Taylor Midget Lite race at Placerville Speedway 9/13/2014

Submitted by Bob Roza

On a warm Saturday evening, the fast Placerville Speedway was in excellent condition for the annual Tracy Taylor Memorial race for the BCRA Midget Lites.

The twelve car field was broken down into two 6 car heats via a pill pull format. The first heat had veteran Midget/Sprint car driver Craig Dillard on the pole with fast improving second year driver Steve Brown on the outside. Dillard took the early lead over Brown and 3rd starter Brian Corso. Dillard continued to lead with Corso moving into second on lap 4. On the white flag lap, Corso made his move into turn 3 and took the win in an exciting pass at the checkered, over Dillard and Brown.

The second heat had last years Champion Brad Dillard on the pole beside Marcus Smith. Dillard took the lead at the green and lead all the way for the win over rookie Logan Seavy in the fast John Taylor Henchcraft/Suzuki and Smith.

The Main Event was next and with an inversion of 6, the field was set for the 20 lap race with Marcus Smith on the pole and Steve Brown on the outside. A scratch from the Main was Scott Kinney in the Rod Browning immaculate ART/Suzuki with transmission issues. On the positive side, Scotty Males in the Tony Fonseca Red Hawk #9 car had motor issues in his heat and changed the motor in time to join the A Main field. The track was drying out so owners and drivers were busy changing the set-ups on their cars. At the green flag, Brown took an early lead but it was Seavy who darted into the lead on the 4th turn and quickly opened a gap between him and the rest of the field. Brown settled into second with the Dillards moving into 5th and 6th. Besides Seavy, who was consistently fast on the bottom, cars on the move were Corso who methodically, passed Brad and then Craig Dillard to move into 3rd, whiles Males was rim riding and putting on a show for the packed grandstands. At the checkered, it was Logan Seavy taking a convincing win over Steve Brown; in his best ever finish, with Brian Corso in 3rd, followed by Brad Dillard and his Dad, Craig Dillard, with veteran Terry Bergstrom finishing a fine 6th. With Corso’s fin run, he earned the 2014 BCRA Midget Lite Championship, so Congratulations to Brian, and his crew of AJ & Dave VV of the Ripon Mafia for a job well done.

Heat 1: 1) Brian Corso, 2) Craig Dillard, 3) Steve Brown, 4) Terry Bergstrom, 5) Chris Hansen, 6) Scott Kinney

Heat 2: 1) Brad Dillard, 2) Logan Seavy, 3) Marcus Smith, 4) Danika ‘Jo Parker, 5) Craig Holsted, 6) Scott Males

MAIN EVENT: 20 LAPS: 1) Seavy, 2) S. Brown, 3) Corso, 4) B. Dillard, 5) C. Dillard, 6) Bergstrom, 7) Males, 8) Smith, 9) Holsted, 10) Hansen, 11) Parker, 12) Kinney DNS




Gedd Ross takes thriller at Macon

Posted on September 15, 2014

Gedd Ross of Havana IL took home the Speedway Motors-Roger Bess Trucking-SBG Logistics 20 lap A-main on Sat night at Macon Speedway. It was the 2nd straight night for a photo finish . Ross edged Brimfield’s Austin Archdale at the finish line as the top 6 spots changed on the last lap. A stellar field of 20 ILSS cars were on hand for the night of racing on the nations fastest and “SMOOTHEST” 1/5 mi. dirt oval . Bob Sargent and the staff do an excellent job. Gedd Ross and Robby McQuinn {ri night winner} would bring the 20 car field to the green flag. Gedd would get the jump at the start with Robby 2nd and Brayton Lynn in 3rd and Andy Bradley in 4th. On lap 5 Austin Archdale would move to 4th behind Lynn. A yellow on lap 6 for Brent Burrows spin in turn 2  would bunch up the field. Gedd and Robby would put on a fierce battle for the lead running the next few laps side by side for the lead. Gedd would lead one lap Robby would lead one lap as they battled back and forth for the lead. While that was going on for the lead behind them Austin would move to 3rd spot after getting by Brayton on lap 11. The 2nd caution would come out on the back stretch as Mitchell Davis and Brayton Lynn got together. On the restart Gedd, Robby and Austin would put on a great battle for the #1 spot with Andy Bradley a close 4th . On the 16th lap Austin would get by Robby for 2nd and close the gap on Gedd for the lead. Austin would lead on lap 17 and Gedd would regain the lead on lap 18. Robby would get high in turn 4 on the last lap and Brad Funk would move in to 4th spot. Andy Bradley would move to 3rd on the last lap Brad would move up to 4th and Scott Bradley would move into 5th spot and Robby would drop to 6th, The top 6 spots would change on the final lap and Gedd and Austin would cross the finish line side by side and Gedd winning by the front bumper for the 2nd straight photo finish for the checkers.

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap Heat #1—1.Jake Sollenberger  2. Brayton Lynn  3.Brad Funk  4.Andrew Funk 5. T.J. Bolen  6. John Heitzman  7. Brent Burrows

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap Heat #2—1. Andy Bradley  2. Robby McQuinn  3. Scott Bradley  4. Lyle Eastin  5. Mitchell Davis  6. Rick Huffman  7. Luke Cone

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap Heat #3—-1.Austin Archdale  2. Gedd Ross  3. Larry Eastin  4. Terry Bolen  5. Kellen Homburg  6. Justin Lewis

Speedway Motors–Roger Bess Trucking—SBG  Logistics 20 Lap Feature
1. #51R–Gedd Ross–Havana IL
2. #2–Austin Archdale–Brimfield IL
3. #86–Andy Bradley–Bloomington IN
4. #4–Brad Funk–Morton IL
5. #1X–Scott Bradley–Bloomington IN.
6. #09–Robby McQuinn–Springfield IL
7. # 5–Jake Sollenberger–Canton IL
8.# 42–Terry Bolen–Peoria IL
9. #51–Brent Burrows–Lewistown IL
10. #56–Mitchell Davis–Auburn IL
11. #77L–Justin Lewis–Logansport IN.
12. #11-Lyle Eastin–Oakland IL
13. #11K-Kellen Homburg–Bloomington IN.
14. #50-Luke Cone–Owensbourgh KY.
15. #8–Andrew Funk–Morton IL.
16. #75B-John Heitzman–Green Valley IL
17. #1- Larry Eastin–Oakland IL
18. #7X- Brayton Lynn–IL.
19. #75–T.J. Bolen–Peoria IL.
20. # 6pack–Rick Huffman–Peoria IL

NEXT ILSS RACE Sat Night Sept 20th macon Speedway. Pits open at 4pm hot laps at 5pm and racing at 7pm. The ILSS will be a support class with the MOWA 410 Sprint Cars on sat.




Billings Wins at I-35

Sep. 13, 2014

Midwest Lightning Sprints - A Feature

Finish Start Car Driver
1 5 51    Mark Billings
2 1 01    Bobby Layne
3 3 B20    Tom Brown
4 2 71    Tony Layne
5 7 13    Luke Mcgee
6 9 12B    Rick Baxter
7 11 81    A.j. Tice
8 6 99C    Chet Yates
9 8 19    Paden Moreland
10 4 85    Ken Billings
11 10 25M    Tyler Miller

Midwest Lightning Sprints - Heat 2

Finish Start Car Driver
1 2 71    Tony Layne
2 1 85    Ken Billings
3 4 99C    Chet Yates
4 5 19    Paden Moreland
5 3 25M    Tyler Miller

Midwest Lightning Sprints - Heat 1

Finish Start Car Driver
1 2 01    Bobby Layne
2 3 B20    Tom Brown
3 6 51    Mark Billings
4 4 13    Luke Mcgee
5 1 12B    Rick Baxter
6 5 81    A.j. Tice




Ullery Tops RMLSA Action at Holyoke

September 13th, 2014

September 13th, 2014 Results - June 14th Rain Out Main Event - Troy Ullery - Lakewood, Matt Martinez - Parker, Steve Becker - Lakewood, Paul Babich - Fort Collins, Bob Harr - Arvada, Jesse Fernandez - Parker, Troy Simpson - Fort Collins, Glenn Waterland - Broomfield DNF.

September 13th - Heat Race 1 - Troy Ullery, Bob Harr, Glenn Waterland, Jesse Fernandez, Troy Pierce DNS.

Heat Race 2 - Matt Martinez, Troy Simpson, Paul Babich, Steve Becker, Mike Bennett DNF.

Main Event - Troy Ullery, Bob Harr, Troy Simpson, Steve Becker, Glenn Waterland, Paul Babich, Jesse Fernandez, Matt Martinez DNF, Mike Bennett DNS, Troy Pierce DNS.




Buhr adds another W to his Season total at NFS

9-13-14  Dillon Buhr of Jacksonville, Fl. parked his Buhr Motorsports/Henchcraft/Suzuki on the front stretch tonight at North Florida Speedway making it 3 wins of the season in the Southern States Midget Series this year. Buhr from the inside pole had to race Darrin Davis extremely hard for 3 laps as Davis from the outside got the jump on the start in his Southern Outlaw Motorsports/Lucas Oil/MavTV/Ford powered Eagle from the outside front row. Davis and Buhr raced side by side with Davis' teamate Trey Pearson was doing all he could to make it a 3 way battle for the lead in his SOM/Lucas Oil/MavTV/Ford powered Triple X. Davis was the first to fletch as he drove'r deep into 3 only to have his car push up the track and give Buhr just a little breathing room for maybe a lap or 2 as Pearson wanted desperately to get a win on this night as his dad 5 time Lucas Oil Super Late Model racer Earl Pearson Jr. was on hand from a rare off date of racing himself. Pearson did run the 24 of Buhr down only to have his tires completely give up with 2 laps to go. But on this night it was all Dillon Buhr.

The always steady Terry Becker from the Villages of Florida had a strong battle with Bob Jordan out of Brainbridge, Ga. Jordan was doing double duty tonight in his red #23 as he raced with the SSMS and the DAARA (Daytona Antique Auto Racing Association) that was on hand. Buhr also captured the heat win. SSMS will be right back at NFS next weekend Sept. 20 racing on the 3/8 mile speedplant in Lake City Florida.

For those that are interested in becoming a member of the SSMS or what rules/changes/updates and or just me some the the racers and owners they will be have a meeting open to the public Wed. Sept. 17 at Cross Creek BBQ and Steaks off Lane Ave. in Jacksonville. 6:30 to 7:30 will be dinner meeting/question and answers 7:30 to 8:30. Come on out and stop by if you might see yourself in a midget come 2015.

1. Dillon Buhr
2. Trey Pearson
3. Darrin Davis
4. Terry Becker
5. Bob Jordan



The Travis McDonnell, Kathy Morris, Darwin Brink Memorial Point Championship Weekend

Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour Championship Weekend

               With two nights of racing left in the Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour's season, things couldn't have heated up any more for the racing and the championship at the Travis McDonnell, Kathy Morris, Darwin Brink Memorial Race. Visiting the speedway for the first time of the year, was a bit of a challenge for a few of the racers in the 24 car field. The heat races went off without a hitch, but things got interesting once the main event started. The first accident of the evening was when point leader Logan Hershey spun in turn 4, collecting Jordan Mattson, who was making his first appearance with the BHMST. Mattson in his bright pink #19X barrel rolled 3-4 times. His car was done for the evening, but he was unharmed. The second frightening crash of the evening was when Brandon Mills making his way through traffic, clipped an inside tire and another car at the same time, sending him into the air end over end. His Rick Peterson owned #22 machine was bent and banged up, but his safety equipment kept Brandon safe.

               When the 20 lap feature was finished, Donnie Bandy wheeled his black #28 to his first ever feature win. Donnie and his brother Robert have been a consistent top finishers, but up until Friday night haven't found a win this year. The Bandy's teammate Scott Hudson finished a close 2nd, while the youngster Blayne Brink came across the stripe 3rd. The veteran Larry Reub and Newcastle's Tom Peterson finished out the top 5. Point leader Hershey finished 3 spots behind John Garrigan jr., closing the gap to just one point going into the final night.

               Saturday Night's promise for an exciting finish to the BHMST season did not disappoint. Again, the heat races went off with no accidents, except the point leader Hershey spun in his heat race and was counted 5th in his heat, while 2nd in points Garrigan won the heat race, which gave Garrigan a 3 point lead going into the 30 lap feature.

               The track was perfect both nights with multiple lanes of racing, which Robert Bandy (brother of Donnie Bandy, the winner of Friday nights feature) needed to weave his way through lapped traffic to capture his first victory of the year and first main event win in about 7 years. Their teammate Scott Hudson again finished in the runner up spot and the youngster Blayne Brink again finished 3rd for the night. Logan Hershey drove from the back of the pack to finished 4th and Brandon Mills wheeled his repaired #22 to a top 5 finish. John Garrigan Jr. leading the points by 3 points going into the feature finished 3 positions behind Hershey in 7th, making a BHMST Point Championship TIE for the first time ever.

The only major incident of the event was when Brandon Mills and Nate Hand tangled in turn 2, sending Hand's #2 machine rolling and finished for the evening.

Special thanks to JR Hughes, The Western Wanderer, (www.westernwandererphoto.com) for spending the weekend in the infield with his camera and getting some great action shots.

Heartland Speedway Friday Night

Heat 1 - Jeff Wignall (19), Larry Reub (59), Jordan Mattson (19X), Nate Hand (2), Kenny Robbins (27k)

Heat 2 - Brandon Mills (22), Tom Peterson (307), Doug McIntosh (23), Erin Wood (41), DNS Tyler Mills (14)

Heat 3 - Scott Hudson (84), Karon Deshaw (26), Jason Robbins (50), Don Taylor (31), DNS Ronald Sadness (720)

Heat 4 - John Garrigan jr. (95j), Donnie Bandy (28), Robert Bandy (27), DNS Ryan Fulk (11f), Ron Fulk (9)

Heat 5 - Blayne Brink (21), Logan Hershey (20), Jim Paisley (9j), Doug Napier (3d)


D. Bandy (28), Hudson (84), Brink (21), Reub (59), Peterson (307), McIntosh (23), Wignall (19), J. Robbins (50), Garrigan (95j), R. Bandy (27), Napier (3d), Hershey (20), Deshaw (26), Paisley (9j), Taylor (31), Hand (2), K. Robbins (27k), Sadness (720), DNF Ron Fulk (9), B. Mills (22), Mattson (19x), Wood (41), DNS T. Mills (14), Ryan Fulk (11f)

Heartland Speedway Saturday Night

Heat 1 - Scott Hudson (84), Nate Hand (2), Tom Peterson (307), Jason Robbins (50), Ron Fulk (9)

Heat 2 - John Garrigan (95j), Robert Bandy (27), Doug McIntosh (23), ROnald Sadness (720), Logan Hershey (20)

Heat 3 - Jim Paisley (9j), Don Taylor (31), Kenny Robbins (27k), DNF Ryan Fulk (11f)

Heat 4 - Blayne Brink (21), Larry Reub (59), Doug Napier (3d), Brady McDonnell (37m)

Heat 5 - 

Brandon Mills (22), Karon Deshaw (26), Donnie Bandy (28), Jeff Wignall (19)


R. Bandy (27), Hudson (84), Brink (21), Hershey (20), Mills (22), Reub (59), Garrigan (95j), Napier (3d), McDonnell (37m), D. Bandy (28), Wignall (19), J. Robbins (50), Peterson (307), Paisley (9j), McIntosh (23), Taylor (31), Ron Fulk (9), Sadness (720), K. Robbins (27k), DNF Deshaw (26), Hand (2), DNS Ryan Fulk (11f)




Winks Tops AMSA at Waynesfield Raceway Park

August 30, 2014

HEAT 1 Rod Henning, Chase Dunham, JR Wood, Ron Coleman, Chris Bounds, Bill Dunham, Andrew Heltkamp, Cole Roberson.

HEAT 2: Tyler Street, Rob Winks, Corey Bedwell, Gary Campbell, Jake Hesson, Anthony Haas, Craig Stower, Cody Downard.

HEAT 3: Becca Stiefel, Ron Kimmel, Michael Helterbran, Ty Tilton, Gage Etgen, Gunnar Lucius, Darin Collins Riley VanHise.

A-MAIN: 1. Rob Winks 55 2. Chase Dunham 66 3 . Rod Henning 28H 4. Ron Kimmel 28K 5. Tyler Street 4* 6. Gunnar Lucius 22 7. Corey Bedwell 11 8. Ty Tilton 42 9. Anthony Haas 81H 10. Ron Coleman 44 11. Bill Dunham 84 12. Gage Etgen E99 13. Michael Helterbran 00 14. Becca Stiefel 328 15. JR Wood 8JR 16. Chris Bounds 28J 17. Gary Campbell 17 18. Craig Stower 50 19 Cole Roberson 39 20. Andrew Heitkamp IVO 21. Riley VanHise 96 Darin Collins DNS Jake Hesson DNS Cody Downard DNS Hard Charge--Gunnar Lucius




Henning wins at Waynesfield Raceway Park

Saturday, August 16th

 Heat 1: Ty Tilton, Brad Racer, Gary Campbell, Chase Dunham Riley VanHise, Becca Stiefel, Andrew Heitkamp, Jake Hesson

Heat 2: Dallas Hunt, Michael Helterbran, Rod Henning, JR Wood Rob Winks, Howard McCormick, Tyler Kendall, Craig Stower

Heat 3: Anthony Haas, Chris Bounds, Gunnar Lucius, Ron Coleman Gage Etgen, Corey Bedwell, Darin Collin

A-MAIN: 1. Rod Henning, 2.Michael Helterbran, 3, Chris Bounds 4. JR Wood, 5. Ron Coleman, 6. Anthony Haas, 7. Chase Dunham, 8. Dallas Hunt, 9. Becca Stiefei 10. Gage Etgen, 11. Howard McCormick, 12.Corey Bedwell 13. Craig Stower, 14. Darin Collin, 15. Tyler Kendall, 16. Rob Winks, 17. Andrew Heitkamp, 18. Brad Racer 19. Gunnar Lucius, 20. Riley VanHise, 21. Gary Campbell, 22. Ty Tilton, Jake Hesson    DNS Hard Charger Craig Stower



New Ohio Mini Sprint Group

Hi my name is Chris Smalley and I am starting a Mini Sprint group in southern Ohio. I am trying to get them built up again in southern part of Ohio.

We have nine races at Jackson County Speedway and Brushcreek Motorsports Complex.


If you need to know more about what I am trying to do and any more information you can call me at 1-740-708-1800.





Now as you can see to the left, there are quite a few of the organizations that have yet to develop a website (indicated with white background)...however several of them do have email address'. If you go to the bottom of each information page, you can find the names and address', and phone numbers for those organizations. If you have any update information, please pass on pertinent info. Thanks.




Your comments and suggestions are welcome, if you would like to link your mini sprint racing association, please email me at adavis_11@yahoo.com  .




Buy it at.... 


A Guide to Getting Started.

Upright Mini Sprint racing is one of the fastest growing segments of open wheel racing.  The class which features open wheel racers similar in size to a full-size midget, but powered by a motorcycle engine, have become a popular stepping stone for today's youth as well as a economical playground for the weekend warrior.  The cars run on both paved and dirt ovals around the world with the heaviest concentration in the United States.

Mini Sprint Racing 101 covers everything you need to know about getting started in the sport:


Selecting the right class of racing


What is an upright mini sprint?


A complete list of where mini sprints race


Understanding the engines used in mini sprints


Working with a chain drive car


Safety requirements


Buying your first mini sprint


Buyer's Guide


Rebuilding a used mini sprint


The basics of setting up a mini sprint


What will you need to go to the track


Before you get out on the track


Your first season




97 Pages including photographs.


Visit www.speedpartz.com to purchase.


2014 parade of champions



 - NLSA Champion (CN)



- Rocky Mtn. Lightning Sprints



 Colorado 1200 Outlaws



 Midwest Mini Sprint Assoc.



 Midwest Lightning Sprints



 American Mini Sprint Assoc.



 BCRA Midget Lites



-- Deming Speedway (WA) /NMSA - 1200's 



-- Deming Speedway (WA)/NMSA - 600's



- Deming Speedway (WA)/NMSA - 600 R



# 81 Matt Elmer - Western Outlaws (UT)



 Wisc. Mini Sprints



 Southern States Mini Sprints



 Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour



 Lake Speedway (ND)



 Granite State Mini Sprint Assoc. - 600cc Class



 Granite State Mini Sprint Assoc. - 500cc Class



 --  Western Slope Lightning Sprints (CO)



 Greenbush Race Park (MN)



 Illinois Lightning Sprints Series



 California Lightning Sprints



 -- Mod. Midgets of New Mexico



 -- Lightning Sprint Quebec (AMSQ)



 Florida Mini Sprint Assoc.





















































































































































































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