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"Serious Race Cars, 

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For Serious Racers"

Welcome to minisprintracing.com, a site devoted to the traditional driver behind the engine, upright open wheel race car, utilizing 600cc to 1200cc engines. The Welterweight Sprint Car for "Squirtin' Dirt"!








Association Links

American Mini Sprint Assoc. (IN)

AMSQ - (Quebec, CN)


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BCRA (CA) Midget Lites

Black Hills Mini Sprint Assoc. (SD)

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Brazos (TX) Mini Sprint Assoc.

California Lightning Sprints

Central New York Mini Sprints

Colorado 1200 Outlaws

Western Slope (CO) 1200 Lightning Sprints

East Coast Mini Sprint Assoc.


Empire Lightning Sprints

Florida Mini Sprints

Georgia Micro Sprints

Gulf Coast Winged Mini Sprints

Granite State

Greenbush Race Park (MN)


Central Illinois Mini Sprints

Illinois Lightning Sprint Series

Jayhusker Racing (NB/KN)

MidAmerica Lightning Sprints

Midwest Mini Sprint Assoc.(IN/OH)

Midwest Lightning Sprints (KN/MO)

Mini Sprint Racer -- Midwest Upright News

New Mexico Mini Sprints

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Montana Mini Sprints

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New Jersey

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New Zealand

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New Zealand Modified Sprints

Devils Lake Speedway - ND

Northeast Mini Sprint Assoc.

Northern Lightning Sprints (Man., CN)

Northwest Mini Sprints (WA)

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Southern Ohio Lightning Mini Sprints

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Oregon Mini Sprints

Rocky Mtn. Lightning Sprints (C0)

Southern States Lightning Sprints

Southern Outlaw Winged 600's

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United Mini Sprint Assoc.

Western Outlaws Mini Sprints (UT)

Wisc./Illinois Mini Sprint Assoc.

West Texas 1200 Outlaws


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Xtreme Thunder Racing Series (IL)




























































...Upcoming Events...


Granite State banquet Oct. 7th

Just want to set it straight.. The banquet is still on for October 7th, please get your RSVP'S, VOTES for SPIRIT AND SPORTSMAN, and if you want to be part of the BOARD next year. I provided a self addressed envelope so no excuses for not mailing them back!:) 
The one one thing that has changed is the GENERAL MEETING on Octobet 8th it is postponed until further notice.

Remember this is your club all of your support is appreciated!






Don Harvey Wins USAC Lightning Sprint Nationals

brought to you by Rod End Supply.

Sept. 16th, 2017

Bloomington Speedway Results (Day 2)

Chris Bounds
Don Harvey
Andy Bradley
Rod Henning

Cody Trammell
Ryan Secrest
Jesse Vermillion 
Kyle Hathaway
Dave Dorsett
Blake Vermillion
Jacob Samm
Kevin Blue
Brandon Cofee
Brandon Smith
Mike Miller
Kevin Frederiksen
Ronnie Brannon
Dylan Moan
G. Garrison

Don Harvey 
Andy Bradley
Rod Henning
Tom Brown
Ryan Barr
Chris Bounds
Bobby Michnowicz
Austin Archdale
Cody Trammell
CJ Malueg
Jesse Vermillion
Anthony Haas
Brad Strunk
Austin Powell
Cindy Chambers
Justin Lewis
Bo Binder
Scott Bradley
Bradley Ashford
Ryan Secrest
Kyle Hathaway

Thanks to all 36 Lighning Sprint teams for making the 2017 Lightning Sprint Nationals a success !

Plans already in action for 2018. Congrats to you for putting on a great show !




Pederson Wins Night 1, Truscinski Wins Night 2 at

Corn Cob Nationals at Buffalo River Race Park

Sept. 16 / 17, 2017

Sept. 16

1-Pederson.K 2-Dvergsten.D 3-Thomas.K 4-Johnson.B 5-Kwiatkoski.Z 6-Truedson.P 7-Abrahamson.J 8-Truscinski.A 9-Berg.J 10-Cole.K 11-Laske.S 12-Veralrud.L 13-Herman.D 14-Hildebrand.S 15-Monroe.P 16-Parker.J 17-Hadfield.J 18-Davis.R 19-Truscinski.A 20-Hutton.B 

Sept. 17


2-Pederson.K 3-Abrahamson.J 4-Johnson.B 5-Truedson.P 6-Dvergsten.D 7-Kwiatkoski.Z 8-Truscinski.A 9-Johnson.E 10-Veralrud.L 11-Cole.K 12-Laske.S 13-Parker.J 14-Davis.R 15-Hadfield.J 16-Monroe.P 17-Hutton.B 18-Thomas.K 19-Berg.J 20-Herman.D 21-Hildebrand.S 

The NLSA event at River Cities Raceway on Sept. 15th was






Update on the Sept 30 Plymouth show

Only WIMS/IRA member cars can participate in this event and it will be a Points night. Any member car is eligible due to the number of estimated "No Shows".  There will only be 2 Hot Lap/Qualification sessions, and 2 Heat races.




Henderickson Atop 1200's at Deming

Sept. 15th, 2017

Pos No. Name
1 13 Steven Henderickson
2 10J Chance Crum
3 30 Derek Holmwood
4 92 Seth Hespe
5 6 Jared Gundersen
6 5 Alex Lewis
7 9 Clennon Holloway
8 09 Tyson Cross
9 7 Dick Williams
10 3 JJ Hickle
11 36 David Leemon
DNF 11d Brad Davison




Empire Gets Wet 

Sept. 15th, 2017

Just to clarify our race tonight at Albany Saratoga is cancelled





Race Results -- Sat Sept 9, 2017

I-35 Speedway     Winston, MO

The Midwest Lightning Sprints were back at I-35 Speedway on Sat nite.  We shared the stage with the Poweri WAR series Sprint cars.  It was MAV TV nite sponsored by Rod End Supply.  A BIG thank you goes out to our sponsors for 2016, Oskvig Accounting and Rod End Supply.

Heat 1
1st    b20      Tom Brown             Ceresco, NE
2nd     2        Jason Billups           Holt, MO
3rd    51        Mark Billings          KC, MO
4th     9s       Bobby Layne           KC, MO
5th     94       Ryan Secrest           Wichita, KS
6th     85       Ken Billings            KC, MO  
7th     2k       Kyle Lewis              Springhill, KS
8th     2L       Lewis Jackson        Wellsville, KS

Feature                                       Start Pos.

1st   b20       Tom Brown                  (1)
2n      2         Jason Billups                (2)
3rd    51        Mark Billings               (3)
4th     9s        Bobby Layne               (4)
5th     85        Ken Billings                (6)
6th     2K       Kyle Lewis                  (7)
7th     2L       Lewis Jackson             (8)
8th     94        Ryan Secrest        DNF


The Lighting Sprints next race is at Valley Speedway in Grain Valley, MO on Sept 23rd .  Make plans to come out and watch the USAC sanctioned Midwest Lightning Sprints squirt the dirt at Valley Speedway on the 23rd .

The racing in the MLS is fiercely competitive.  With motorcycle power and lowcost maintenance, this is still the most economical way to go fast in a race car.  These cars are 1 second a lap faster than an A Mod or a Late Model.  New drivers/cars will be coming out each week. There are good used cars for sale. Contact the MLS for info.

Bob Douglas    www.midwestlightningsprintsracing.com  913-522-5378




Woods wins his first Lightning Sprint Feature !!

RMLSA results -- Sep. 9, 2017

7 winners so far in 2017

Jason Woods in the #50 GXSR Powered Henchcraft Chassis wins his first Lightning Sprint feature at El Paso County Speedway. The young dwarf car Champion found the winners circle in a 20 laps green to checkered race after taking the lead from heat race winner #23 Andrew Daniels on lap 4. A fast field of 21 cars took the green with all 21 cars finished a Lightning fast feature without any caution flags. #71 Frank Martinez finished a close 2nd, with points leader #2 Blaine Schubarth finishing 3rd. Rounding out the top 5 was the #71 of Dave McCray and the #23 Andrew Daniels with his season best finish in the 5th position. Heat races were won by multiple time RMLSA champion #1 Troy Ullery, #17 Dave McCray and #23 Andrew Daniels.




USAC Lightning Sprint National Championship Points Standings


Three groups added to their race count last weekend. The Midwest Lightning Sprints, California Lightning Sprints, and the Rocky Mountain Lightning Sprint Association. The MLS held a car count of 9, while the CLS and RMLSA earned a higher weighted points count in the next tier with 19 and 14 respectively.

Both Tom Brown and Ryan Secrest of the MLS have reached their 12 race count so their points are now locked as we move to the end of the season. Last week’s race(s) moved Tom Brown up one spot to the second place position as the MMSA had a non-points weekend. Rod Henning still leads with one more race left to better his total. Andy Bradley’s race count stands at 10 allowing two early season woes to be replaced by stronger finishes as the Lightning Sprint Nationals are just around the corner. Those attending may have an advantage by earning higher points if 41 or more cars are in attendance. A points scale yet to be awarded at any race this season.
The CLS and RMLSA are nearing their 10 race minimum. This is visible in the points climb by many of their competitors. The CLS now has three members inside the top 10. Those being Jarrett Kramer, Aiden Lange, and Bobby Michnowicz. Steve Becker joins fellow RMLSA member Johnny Boos inside the top ten. Both with 8 races to their credit. Total race counts by club stand at:

MLS         14 races
MMSA      11 races
CLS           9  races
RMLSA      8  races 

Cody Nigh and Kyle Lewis are the biggest movers this week, jumping two or more spots. The rundown of the top twenty positions are:

Rank        Driver                             Points

  1 Roderick Henning 2710
  2 Tom Brown 2380
  3 Andrew Bradley 2335
  4 Justin Lewis 2130
  5 Jarrett Kramer 2110
  6 Aiden Lange 2020
  7 Bobby Michnowicz 2020
  8 Ryan Secrest 1900
  9 Johnny Boos 1870
 10 Steve Becker 1570
 11 Cody Nigh 1540
 12 Frank Martinez 1500
 13 Brandon Smith 1490
 14 Troy Ullery 1210
 15 Kyle Lewis 1170
 16 Brent Sexton 1160
 17 Jon Robertson 1150
 18 Richard Marchbank 1135
 19 Jason Billups 1110
 20 Andy Flood 1000

A complete list of points standings as of 9/6/17 can be viewed at: http://usacracing.com/standings/lightning-sprints
The National rule book has been posted on the USAC website at:

Hoosier Tire is one of the many sponsors who have pledged support for this new series through a multi-year relationship. Cars are required to use Hoosier tires on all four corners during USAC-sanctioned Lightning Sprint events. Speedway Motors—America’s oldest speed shop—is the title sponsor with a myriad of other sponsoring companies, including AFCO, CSI, PRO Shocks, My Race Pass, Saldana Race Products, Aeromotive, Weld, Rod End Supply, Hoosier Speed, Outlaw Wings, Racing Optics, and EMi.




BCRA\ Midget Lite Results – Antioch Speedway

August 19, 2017

Heat 1:  1. #74k Kayla Green, 2. #25 Scott Kinney, 3. #25k Hunter Kinney, 4. #14e Emilee Lindgren, 5. #72s Bradley Dillard

Main Event: 1. #72s Bradley Dillard, 2. #25k Hunter Kinney, 3. #25 Scott Kinney, 4. #14e Emilee Lindgren, 5. #74k Kayla Green




BHMST Sagebrush Shootout Results

Aug. 11 / 12, 2017

Friday Race Results -
14k, 11f, 13, 23, 2, 95j, 9, 10, 66, 14
DNF 20, 16, 22, 51w, 51, 14t, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11


Saturday Race Results-
14k, 51, 51w, 23, 14, 95j, 10, 2,66, 9, 59, 16, 15, 11f,  DNF- 41, 13, 17 DNS- 19




Dance Empire Lightning Sprint Feature winner at Thunder Mountain Speedway

July 15, 2017

1)  Peter Dance

2)  Reed Salvay
3)  Clint Roehr
4)  Adam Admansky
5)  Rohan Beasley
DNS- Shilo Boyce




Western Outlaws results

May 27th, 2017 -- Wild Bill's Raceway

 1) 14 -- Cheyenne Torgerson
 2) 12 -- Colton Gubler
 3) 8 -- Marcus Wicks
 4) 14x -- CJ Thorn
 5) 17k -- Cteve Norman
 6) 64z -- Preslie Thorn
 7) 22 -- Scott Birch
 8) 55 -- Matthew Elmer

 9) 8CH -- Roy Wilkerson




Here's the latest information from Mike Long regarding the upcoming USAC sanctioning

Thank you to all for the strong participation in the last three conference calls. We have accomplished our goals and created a foundation to move forward with. To recap where we are, the updated rules are attached. These will now be packaged as a National rule book and redistributed when completed.

I want to thank Levi Jones for spending time with us to answer questions and announce the $10K points fund for 2017. USAC specifics are:

1. Individual groups/clubs will maintain internal control of their series, including but not limited to all financials, tech, procedural calls (line ups) and scheduling

2. Racers will not be required to join USAC and will serve no penalty for not doing so

a. Only USAC registered drivers will be eligible for National Points in sanctioned event.

    i.  Registration will open Jan. 1, 2017

b. Points will be awarded for actual finishing position only.

    i. Points are weighted by total car count per race

c. The drivers membership with USAC would provide them with the extra participant accident insurance

      i. Membership fee is $150 annually

3. Groups / clubs, with registered drivers, will be required to schedule a minimum of 10 USAC sanctioned races per season

a. Groups are permitted to hold events outside of USAC sanction

b.Sanctioned races will be noted upon issue of season schedule

4. Tracks will communicate and deal with each series directly

a. Any participating track would need to supply the group a valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) for a 1 million dollar general liability policy covering the entire year. All scheduled tracks will have their insurance provider email this to Levi at USAC.  

5. Points fund breakdown (thank you all for your ideas – I merged them below)

1. $3000
2. $ 2000
3. $ 1500
4. $ 800
5. $ 700
6. $ 600
7. $ 500
8. $ 400
9. $ 300
10. $ 200

6. Top three finishing positions will be recognized at USAC Night of Champions banquet in Indianapolis during PRI show every December.

We still have a few more things to iron out. I will be in communication with Levi and look forward to seeing you all next Saturday morning at the Museum of American Speed at 9am.




Now as you can see to the left, there are quite a few of the organizations that have yet to develop a website (indicated with white background)...however several of them do have email address'. If you go to the bottom of each information page, you can find the names and address', and phone numbers for those organizations. If you have any update information, please pass on pertinent info. Thanks.



Your comments and suggestions are welcome, if you would like to link your mini sprint racing association, please email me at adavis_11@yahoo.com  .



Buy it at.... 


A Guide to Getting Started.

Upright Mini Sprint racing is one of the fastest growing segments of open wheel racing.  The class which features open wheel racers similar in size to a full-size midget, but powered by a motorcycle engine, have become a popular stepping stone for today's youth as well as a economical playground for the weekend warrior.  The cars run on both paved and dirt ovals around the world with the heaviest concentration in the United States.

Mini Sprint Racing 101 covers everything you need to know about getting started in the sport:


Selecting the right class of racing


What is an upright mini sprint?


A complete list of where mini sprints race


Understanding the engines used in mini sprints


Working with a chain drive car


Safety requirements


Buying your first mini sprint


Buyer's Guide


Rebuilding a used mini sprint


The basics of setting up a mini sprint


What will you need to go to the track


Before you get out on the track

Your first season




97 Pages including photographs.


Visit www.speedpartz.com to purchase.


2017 parade of champions






 - NLSA Champion (CN)



 - Rocky Mtn. Lightning Sprints



  -- Colorado 1200 Outlaws



 Midwest Mini Sprint Assoc.



 Midwest Lightning Sprints


 # 23S Brad Strunk -- American Mini Sprint Assoc.



  -- BCRA Midget Lites



 -- Deming Speedway (WA) /NMSA - 1200's 



-- Deming Speedway (WA)/NMSA - 600's



 - Deming Speedway (WA)/NMSA - 600 R



 - Western Outlaws (UT)



 - Wisc. Mini Sprints



 -- Southern States Mini Sprints



  -- Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour



 Lake Speedway (ND)



  --Granite State Mini Sprint Assoc. - 600cc Class



  --Granite State Mini Sprint Assoc. - 500cc Class



 --  Western Slope Lightning Sprints (CO)



  -- Greenbush Race Park (MN)



 Illinois Lightning Sprints Series



 California Lightning Sprints



 -- Mod. Midgets of New Mexico



 -- Lightning Sprint Quebec (AMSQ)



 Florida Mini Sprint Assoc.

















































































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